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By Dowd Family Dentistry
September 30, 2014
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denturesHaving to get dentures leads to many concerns and worries. Eating and drinking while wearing false teeth shouldn’t have to be one of them. Dr. Dowd-Johnson has many patients with dentures who come to her with concerns about changing their diet. We would like to enlighten you on some tips of what to eat, what to skip, and what to tweak for stress-free eating.
  • Coffee: Yes, you may have to cut down a bit on the coffee drinking. But don’t worry, there’s no need to cut it out completely. The reason mainly being that coffee contains caffeine, which dries out the mouth. Dentures need plenty of saliva to keep the mouth moist so no irritation occurs.
  • Popcorn: We all know having popcorn stuck in between teeth can be a pain in the neck to get out, and dentures are the same way. We suggest using air-puffed snacks and to drink plenty of water while snacking on salty foods.
  • Sticky Candy: Sticky candy is bound and determined to dislodge your false teeth. Instead, try some sugar-free gum. It can also increase your saliva production. Win-win!
  • Nuts: Believe it or not, nuts can actually cause your dentures to come loose or cause one side to flip up. Since most people eat nuts on one side of the mouth, try chewing on both sides at the same time to help prevent this from happening.
  • Seeded crackers or bread: Poppy seeds and buns with seeds have little pieces that get stuck under your dentures. It can be very uncomfortable. Try using whole grain bread instead. With this bread, the grains are baked in, rather than loose on the top.
  • Steak: All you want to do is dive right into that grilled, juicy steak. Be sure to slow down and savor the flavor! Cut up the meat into small pieces to avoid destabilizing and dislodging of the dentures.
  • Raw fruits and vegetables: While fruits and veggies are so important to our health, biting into hard ones like carrots, apples, and corn-on-the-cob can put a lot of pressure on the front of the dentures and can dislodge them. Maybe try to make a fruit smoothie instead and cook the veggies to make them soft. For corn-on-the-cob, simply cut the corn off.
  • Peanut butter: Sticky peanut butter does exactly that to the dentures: sticks. Instead try hummus or a spreadable dip that is not so sticky.
Your best judgment and reaction to foods will tell you whether or not you can handle them, or if you need to take smaller bites. Also be sure to chew with both sides to help keep your false teeth in place.
To learn more about denture care or to schedule an appointment, contact our office today!